Stylishly Secure. Make The Fashionable Choice By Playing It Safe.

Introducing Taylor’s new sleek ShutterStyle Shutters. Innovation that’s both affordable and aesthtically pleasing. These beautiful shutters offer a lightweight
alternative to traditional security shutters.

For the last 6 years, we’ve refined our technique to bring you a product with the Taylor’s seal of security and renowned quality.

Featuring a 60mm bolt, and a sleek new slide action, ShutterStyle Shutters don’t compromise on Beauty and functionality.

Made from slim yet robust aluminium, yet suitable for both indoor and outdoors,
these stylish shutters offer modular track options, new to market light blocking system and seamless lines,


Barrier security
Lightweight yet robust aluminium
5 year warranty
New slide action & push lock action
Patented conceiled tilt mechanism
New light blocking system
New modular tracks
Minimalist look


ShutterStyle uses a new slide action & push lock system
Patented intergrated louvre lock
A 60mm patented throw bolt secures the shutters to the floor
A 34mm bold secures shutter to top track

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